Hello! This is my website.

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About Me

I have a passion for creative and digital arts, particularly as they relate to video game storyboarding and design.

I maintain a wide variety of skills in industry standard software for graphic design and video game development, and am seeking internship opportunities in order to hone my skillset in preparation for a Masters degree related to videogame sciences.

I also made this site from scratch! If you are interested in hiring me for a project, or just want to learn more about me, you can download a PDF of my CV here.


Turkish Grammar & Vocab Modules

This summer I had the distinct pleasure of being asked to the layout for the Turkish Grammar and Vocab Modules (working title) used by the Introductory Turkish Language Course as part of the 2014 Summer Language Workshop at Indiana University Bloomington!

The Modules -- designed by me and programmed by instructor Niko Kontovas -- are still being developed, but initial feedback from students is unanimously positive.

Feel free to contact Niko for a login and password in order to access the site and test the modules out for yourself!


I will add the video here soon.

Solar Sphere

I created a plain 3D sphere in After Effects, then modified it using fractal noise so that it looks as if it were burning.

Exploding Amca

I will add the video here soon.

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